DB07 Miscellaneous

September 11, 2007

Here are a selection of images from designersblock london 07, if you would like high resolution images or any further information please email rory@designersblock.org.uk.


Anna-Maria Antoniades & Judith Levin


Anna-Maria Antoniades & Judith Levin

concrete blond geometric

Concrete Blond – Geometric
concrete blond nouveau

Concrete Blond – Nouveau

concrete blond examples

Concrete Blond – Examples

Crispin Jones Accurate

Crispin Jones – Accurate

crispin jones

crispin Jones decider

Crispin Jones – Decider

crispin jones mantra

Crispin Jones – Mantra 1

crispin jones mantra pos

Crispin Jones – Mantra 2

crispin jones more or less

Crispin Jones – More or Less

Crispin Jones Tick cross

Crispin Jones – Tick Cross

crispin jones tengu v1

Crispin Jones – Tengu

crispin jones tengu salone

Crispin Jones – Tengu

elena corchero graphic circut

Elena Corchero – Graphic Circuit

elena corchero Graphic fan lac

Elena Corchero – Graphic Fan Lace

elena corchero graphic necklace

Elena Corchero – Graphic Necklace

elena corchero lace detail

Elena Corchero – Lace detail

elena corchero solar comb day

Elena Corchero – Solar Comb Day

elena corchero solar comb eve

Elena Corchero – Solar Comb Evening

elena corchero Emboss detail

Elena Corchero – Emboss detail

elena corchero fan open

Elena Corchero – Fan open

elena corchero solar fan day

Elena Corchero – Solar Fan Day

elena corchero solar fan eve

Elena Corchero – Solar Fan Evening

elena corchero solar necklace

Elena Corchero – Solar Necklace

elena corchero solar parasol

Elena Corchero – Solar Parasol

Formfoundation image

formfoundation injection

formfoundation investment c

formfoundation lampworking

formfoundation rapid protot

formfoundation spinning

formfoundation timber frame

Form Foundation by Rob Thompson

Heather Smith interior

heather smiths swirl fence

heather smith swirlfence

Heather Smith – Interior

james carcass

James Carcass

jessica nabel wall square

Jessica Nebel

jim rockos my other half

Jim Rokos – My Other Half

jim rokos pedal bowl

Jim Rokos – Pedal Bowl

jim rokos sliding mirror

Jim Rokos – Sliding Mirror

John Harrington deluded lov

John Harrington – Deluded Love

john harrington heart & gun

John Harrington – Heart & Gun

john harrington soldier chain

john harrington soldier

John Harrington – Soldier Chain

Julia Wulfing Kingterry

Julia Wulfing – Kingterry

kate williams sizewell

Kate Williams – Sizewell

Kate williams dounreay

Kate Williams - dounreay

Kate Williams - Dounreay 3

Kate Williams – Dounreay

kith kin confetti

Kith Kin – Confetti

kith kin negative record

kith kin negative record 2

Kith Kin - Negative Record 3

Kith Kin – Negative Record

mathew plummer igloo

matthew plummer igloo

matthwe plummer preview

matthew plummer scketch

Matthew Plummer – London Igloos

matthew plummer webshots

Matthew Durran – Web Shots

miss geschick chewy beauty

miss geschick disaster

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus – Chewy Beauty

miss geschick disaster

miss geschick disaster 2

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus – Disaster

miss geschick puke pet

miss geschick puke pet2

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus – Puke Pet

miss geschick natural mink

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus PukePet

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus – Natural Mink

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus - Wintercoat product

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus - Wintercoat

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus – Winter Coat

ninette VanKamp 1

Ninette Van Kamp 2

Ninette Van Kamp 3

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 01

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 02

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 03

ninette 4

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 05

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 06

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 07

ninette van kamp - souffrez pourmoi 08

Ninette Van Kamp – souffrez pour moi

peter ibruegger philosophical tree

peter ibruegger anastasia

Peter Ibrueger

peter ibruegger 2

Peter Ibruegger – Illustrations

peter ibruegger tiles

peter ibruegger tiles 2

Peter Ibruegger – Tiles

peter ib wallpaper

peter ib wallpaper roll

Peter Ibruegger – Wallpaper






Reiko Kaneko – Burrow Cushion

ring me ink pad

Ring Leader – Ring me ink pad

ringleader  hate

Ring Leader – Hate

Ringleader - How deep

Ringleader – How deep

Ringleader - Love

Ringleader – Love

Ringleader - Audio

Ringleader – Audio

Ringleader Pokayoke Design audio

Ringleader Pokayoke Design audio

Ringleader Pokayoke Design ringme

Ringleader Pokayoke Design ringme


Ringleader – Ringme demo

Rm blu jess

Rm* – Blu Jess

Rm* bruswick

Rm* – Bruswick

russia sympos

Matthew Durran

Seetal Solanki1

Seetal Solanki2

Seetal Solanki3

Seetal Solanki4

Seetal Solanki5

Seetal Solanki6

Seetal Solanki7

Seetal Solanki7

Seetal Solanki8

Seetal Solanki9

Seetal Solanki11

Seetal Solanki12

Seetal Solanki13

Seetal Solanki14

Seetal Solanki

timorous beasties - devil damask black

Timorous Beasties - devil damask cream

Timorous Beasties - tree of life

Timorous Beasties - tree of life 2

Timorous Beasties - tree of life 3

Timorous Beasties