September 11, 2007

Here are a selection of images from designersblock:illustrate, if you would like high resolution images or any further information please email

4 wall japan

4Wall – Japan

Airside character_dancing


AOI Bodyworks

AOI Bodyworks

Blanka 1975

Blanka 1975

Blinkin Lab 3

Blinkin Lab 1

Blinkin Lab – MLights

Blinkin Lab 2

blinkin lab peeking2

Blinkin Lab -Peeking

blinking lab pulsate

Blinkin Lab – Pulsate

Blinkin Lab ready to render

Blinkin Lab – Ready to render

cable street spiderman sml

Cable street – spiderman

Christine Abbot MIKETHEBIRD

Christine Abbot – Mike The Bird

Christine Berrie 1

Christine Berrie

Christine Berrie

Christine Berrie 3

Christine Berrie 4

Christine Berrie

CONTAINER winstakeover


container tea room

Container – Tea Room

container the wins take over

Container – The wins take over

container Simon huss lein


Container – Simon Husslein

Cristina Guitian

Cristina Guitian 2

Cristina Guitian 3

Cristina Guitian 4

Cristina Guitian 5

Cristina Guitian

daydream 1

Daydream 2

Daydream Network

harry malt

harry malt pic

Harry Malt beautiful girls

Harry Malt – Beautiful Girls

Harry Malt footie

Harry Malt – Footie

Harry Malt Porno Maggie

Harry Malt – Porno Maggie


Harry Malt – Nike Air Spax

James Carey

James Carey

James Taylor

James Taylor

Jim Birdsell 1

Jim Birdsell 2

Jim Birdsell3

Jim Birdsell 4

Unit – Albarn & Birdsell

Jon Burgerman sticker


Jon Burgerman

Jorge Moita 1

Jorge Moita 2

Jorge Moita3

Jorge Moita

Kai Bergmann

Kai Bergmann

Keith Albarn 1




Unit – Albarn & Birdsell

Kerry Roper

Kerry Roper

Lie ins and Tigers - Figs

Lie ins and Tigers – Figs

Lie ins and Tigers Tears Of A Cloud

Lie ins and Tigers – Tears of a Cloud


Mark Graham – Spike Pepsi Lips

Minesh Parmar Seatal Solanki - Monkey Mafia

Minesh Parmar & Seetal Solanki – Monkey Mafia

Minesh Parmar Seatal Solanki - spirograph smoke

Minesh Parmar & Seetal Solanki – Spirograph Smoke

Niki Sehmi - Collapse

Niki Sehmi – Collapse

Niki Sehmi- Desires

Niki Sehmi – Desires

Niki Sehmi - Dual

Niki Sehmi – Dual

Niki Sehmi - Spark

Niki Sehmi – Spark

O.Two (James Carey)

OTwo (James Carey)

Oliver Hibert - Swirlhelmet

Oliver Hibert – Swirlhelmet

Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hydes

Oliver Hydes

Pandarosa gourgeous

Pandarosa – Gourgeous

pandarosa Haworth

Pandarosa – Haworth

Pandarosa - Monoe

Pandarosa – Monoe

Pandarosa - Space

Pandarosa – Space

pandarosa TXTme

Pandarosa – TXT me

Pandarosa - Zoo

Pandarosa – Zoo

Patrick Morgan - McQueen

Patrick Morgan – McQueen

peter ibruegger philosophical tree

Peter Ibruegger – Philosophical Tree

Pomme Chan - Cliche’s de Paris

Pomme Chan – Cliche’s de Paris


Rhogg for DBillustrate

Rock Group - She One

Rock Group – She One

Rupert Griffiths Binder1opt

Rupert Griffiths Binder1opt

Rupert Griffiths cvp2 aug2007 op

Rupert Griffiths – Binder

Sarah Howell

sarah howell

Sarah Howell


Serge Seidlitz

shantel martin square

Shantell Martin – Square

Squint Opera - Doodlearth

Squint Opera doodlearth

Squint Opera doodlearth 3

Squint Opera doodlearth 4

Squint Opera doodlearth5

Squint Opera doodlearth 6

Squint Opera doodlearth 7

Squint Opera doodlearth 8

Squint Opera doodlearth 9

Squint Opera Doodlearth

Tado - Dreams

Tado – Dreams

Tim Ellis SAMARITANS crowd colour

Tim Ellis – Samaritans Crowd Color

tim ellis

Tim Ellis

timorous beaties - bloody hell

Timorous Beasties – Bloody Hell

Walter Newton - 12 inch cock

Walter Newton – 12 Inch Cock

Will Robson Scott

Will Robson Scott – Dalston will