Dig The New Breed

December 5, 2007

under the

The most exciting thing I have been to in a long time, Under The Bridge was curated and organised by Macki*. A one night only guerrilla gallery showcasing artist talent from a range of disciplines, including product design, illustration, 3D installation, styling, photography and poetry.


In September Kith Kin showed the strongest and most refreshing take on design curation anywhere in London and now there’s this. Be nice if it kicks off a new wave.


The event was inspired by street renegades and their innovative and quirky methods of communicating with the urban environment. The movement into fresh directions beyond street art and graffiti are subverting the 3D streetscape by using new materials and techniques to shock, educate and entertain the public, changing the way we experience city life.

”Under the bridge exhibition makes the most of the public space that surrounds us, without destroying, vandalising and defacing it permanently. Using magnetic hooks and temporary methods to display the work of selected artists.”

Macki* hopes ”to develop a platform on which artists who do not have the means or access to exhibit, a chance to shout out their message. A guerrilla gallery can do this and this is what “Under the Bridge” is about, claiming the streets back. Advertisers and large corporations don’t ask for the public’s permission to bombard us with their messages. So why should we ask permission to expose ours?”


Emma Viner & Fern Catlin ‘psychedelic trippy tramps.



Sound Tag – Mathew Plummer-Fernandez