Tokyo 07

December 5, 2007


This was Designersblock in Tokyo. Thanks to Design Association and 100% Design Tokyo for inviting us back for Tokyo Designers’ Week. We had five containers featuring Secret Wars, Charlie Davidson, Kith Kin, Mathew Plummer- Fernandez & Henny Van Nistelrooy and Surface Synergy.

surface synergy

Surface Synergy included work from Rebecca Otero, Seetal Solanki, Ninette Van Kamp, Heather Smith and Lucy Fergus. It was the container that people loved to touch.


Charlie Davidson Monster and Iris Lumieres. With a little lace from Timorous Beasties.

mat + henny

Sound Chair from Mathew Plummer-Fernandez and Henny Van Nistelrooy’s Kevlar chair were the two most experimental pieces of furniture in the whole show by a country mile. Nothing else went so far in terms of process, materials and imagination.

kith kin

The boys to watch, Kith Kin curated and produced another witty, ambitious, provocative show of small objects and big ideas that was perfect for Tokyo. And they made it out too, look there they are on the roof. Oi !


Check out their website for more Tokyo loveliness.



Also very out were Secret Wars in the shape of Terry, Teck and Zadok.


Like Fight Club with pens it was.




They loved Tokyo and Tokyo loved them.


100% Design Tokyo is a big joined up generous show,a trade show in a very big tent, concepts and installations in the container show and a big Japanese and Korean Student show in the open air on top of the containers.
Everybody sees everything and the audience is interested informed and diverse. It was very nice to be back and in good company.

Thanks to Kawasaki San for your support and inviting us to Tokyo again, Kengo Kizawa. All ninjya, Masako Sato, Aki, Maki, Masumi.

Notcho and Notcho’s Workshop.

Gunter and Paul.

We have been invited back next year but the best news is that Design Association will be doing something special with us at London in September.