Osaka 4

November 12, 2008


Designersblock was invited to Osaka by OKADA Tomohiro to take part in the Creative Business Fair,

a fantastic event that brought together many of Osaka’s finest to communicate what they do.

Check out the auditorium of grass, they even had a hill, never spoken from a hill before. There were also workshops and many many meetings and good conversations.




This is Okada San multitasking away before the conference started. He’s talking on the phone, doing his email and checking the projector at the same time.


This is Yamamoto San. He is Art Director of Gram. He showed me amazing graphics, and played a movie of some very very live events that he has produced in Osaka, stay tuned for some more of this fella. He also showed me a Tatami with speakers which to me makes enormous sense.


Very good to once more be in the company of Teruhiro Yanagihara who had a very warm welcome for us. His company Isolation Unit showed in London in September during the London Design Festival and he was also showing very fine new work at DesignTide in Tokyo.


This is the superbon little party at the end of the conference. Speeches, beer, lovely food, superb company, much cheering and good feeling before we had to rush away in a cab to the airport. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a well organised, clear and positive event. The incredible diversity and quality of the people and their activities was truly inspiring.

Domo Arigato Osaka, matinee xx