Malin Källman at Designersblock London 2009

August 14, 2009

Darwin bookcase

Malin Källman, a 25 years old Designer from Sundsvall, Sweden, is exhibiting as part of a group of graduates from Edinburgh College of Art.
Her work is focused on the process of designing. Inspired by Darwinism and Evolutionary theory she has developed a design methodology called ‘Design by Darwinism’ and with that she has created two objects.

She is working on automating this process and believes that it can be developed further to suit a wide range of design situations. She will be spending her next academic year doing a Masters at Edinburgh College of Art where she will perfect this methodology. For each process she has a phylogenetic tree that in much the same way as evolutionary biologists explain the evolution of a species, displays the evolution of her product. This methodology speeds up the process of designing and allows the user to be involved in an early stage.

She is using two key elements, Natural Selection and Mutation. Natural selection consists of a group of users, this group can be random by using a blog as a medium to reach a wide range of people or as a selected target group. Their job is to choose from a range of designs the one they believe is the best one. This design is the strongest and can go on to reproduce, the rest will die, survival of the fittest. The offspring of the strongest design is then again submitted to natural selection and the process starts over. This can go on for many generations until a product is achieved.

Darwin bookcase//detail

Throughout this process there will be several mutations, this can be in the shape of influence from a certain material that is introduced, inspiration from existing objects, suggestions from the natural selection group themselves and much more. The mutator can be anything that will add to the process, mutators can also be discarded by the natural selection group. Throughout this work she has used mutators such as a computer scientist from NASA and Bute Fabrics ltd. For the natural selection group to have a good grasp of how the product is developing she has regular test runs where they can interact with it and find faults but also come up with ideas to make it better.

In this process she also takes into account:
Predators- in the form of other objects that will be competing with the one she is designing
Environment- the place and situation where the product will be used
Symbiosis – The object is a parasitic creature and will not survive without a human host, someone to buy it and find good use for it.

Darwin bookcase//detail

Darwin is a spatial escapism bookcase. Her starting point for this product was eccentricity and escapism. The bookcase is also a way to divide the space in a room and by doing so defining two new spaces that can be utilised for escaping. The platform at the top gives the user a new perspective of their domestic environment that is slightly detached from life. A calm area for contemplation, reading or just a break. The seat underneath is more cosy, warm and safe, at the same time it provides seclusion.
[Spec.: European Maple hardwood structure, Epoxy polyester powder coated mild steel brackets, Bute woollen fabric]

FrouFrou, her second product is a chocolate bar, by cooperating with a company that makes chocolate she has proved that her methodology is a great tool for developing or redesigning products for a specific company. It is a white chocolate bar infused with rose and a champagne centre. The bar is inspired by “La belle époque” and entices luxury, decadence and indulgence. The wrapping is waxed paper with a Toulouse Lautrec print and a wax seal. This product is a perfect gift and really feels special; to break the seal and enjoy the content is a way to fit some luxury into everyday life.

Darwinism Methodology

Designersblock London 2009 takes place during the London Design Festival over 5000 square meters of space alongside 100% Design in Earls Court One.

24 – 27 Sep 2009

Opening times:
Thursday 24 September 10.00 – 21.00 Friday 25 September 10.00 – 19.00 Saturday 26 September 10.00 – 18.00 Sunday 27 September 11.00 – 17.00

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