Sophie Turnell at Designersblock 2009

August 24, 2009

Sophie Turnell is a young designer exhibiting as part of ‘Ready to Ship’, a group of graduates from Edinburgh College of Art.
The design brief was to create a cabin luggage that allows easy access to contents. It suits the cabin limitations of carry-on luggage providing an organized space for the basic requirements of a weekend away.


Easily accessible-doesn’t require unpacking on arrival and easy to locate specific items during travel and throughout stay. There is no need to rummage, a hassle which often results in creasing. Can therefore be packed over a long period of time. Increased forethought and preparation allows for carefully considered, rational and refined choices and thus light and more efficient packing. It is for a fashion conscious, alternative audience, with a passion for quirky design and innovation.


Although highly functional, aesthetically the bag distances itself from those of super efficient (experienced packers) flight attendants, and delivers a sense of less rigid more feminine luxurious feel, rich in personality. A leisure as opposed to business solution. The nature of the leather means the bag will inevitably grow creases, scuffs and scars which act as an extension of their fine detailing. These details enhance each bags individual character. Each mark on the bag tells a tale of the leathers journey from the cow, through the manufacturing and craft process, and then on through the personal journey shared between the bag and owner.


As the bag experiences more and more it evolves growing features that help foster an emotional bond between the user and bag. The bag acts as a physical reminder of the experience nurturing the relationship with the bag. The bags value grows as it matures gracefully, protecting some of the users most valued possessions. When this relationship comes to an end, the bag can be passed on to loved ones along with its stories as a meaningful gift almost like a treasured heirloom.


Fits carry on dimensions (56 x 45 x 25cm)-No need to put it in the hold, wait around for luggage, less chance of damage, easy to change plans if flight is missed etc. (to be enhanced by post with any extras)-for longer stays. Easy to lift and transport-designed to encourage light travel- not make carriers work up a sweat! It can be lifted relatively short distances comfortable or wheeled to facilitate easy shopping in terminals. Pockets direct even weighting.

One large organiser pouch with smaller pockets so smaller items can be easily located.
Hidden secret storage for valuables/private items/delicate items
Shoe bags to separate underfoot debris from clothing
Space to flatten clothing reducing creases.
Space for dirty laundry

Easily extractable area for liquids
A detachable section that fits under seat on flight for takeoff
Exterior temporary security pocket (for emptying pockets into/belts/jewellery/watches etc.)

24 – 27 Sep 2009

Opening times:
Thursday 24 September 10.00 – 21.00 Friday 25 September 10.00 – 19.00 Saturday 26 September 10.00 – 18.00 Sunday 27 September 11.00 – 17.00

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