Ha Yeon Yoo at Designersblock London 2009

September 4, 2009

Compass Phone
Hayeon Yoo is exhibiting as part of the group Disruptive Thinking. She recently graduated from MA Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art.

She has interest in designing alternative means of communication that delivers more meaningful, poetic and aesthetic experiences. Her recent projects propose a new and pleasurable experience through tangible interface design that also raises ethical questions about current technology and highlights our unperceived, contradictory needs.

Compass Phone
This project addresses the issue of whether the mobile phone is a surveillance tool or a digital leash and explores designing an alternative means of communication which delivers a more poetic and aesthetic experience. The Compass Phone does not support any verbal communication side, but has only a GPS function. It measures the distance between two people in real-time and then converts it to the time it takes for them to meet each other by either transport or time unit. A compass is hidden under the digit display. The centre of the compass always indicates the user’s position and its needle indicates the other person’s direction.

Reputation Check Instruments
Reputation-Check Instruments
This is inspired by a side effect of the Internet communication, namely anonymous, malicious comments and people’s obsession with checking their reputation in a blog and social networking culture. The Reputation- Check Instruments considers how to perceive and interact with the ‘comments’ which are private, informal but influential data.

Reputation-Check Instruments

Two different types of tangible interfaces have been explored – one is acoustic and the other is visual. Both objects allow the user to recognize the traffic information first with sound or graphic. When the user’s curiosity is alerted by an abstract sound or graphic, the user can slide out the coloured bit to discover the content details.

Ha Yeon Yoo

Designersblock London 2009 takes place during the London Design Festival over 5000 square meters of space alongside 100% Design in Earls Court One.

24 – 27 Sep 2009

Opening times:
Thursday 24 September 10.00 – 21.00 Friday 25 September 10.00 – 19.00 Saturday 26 September 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday 27 September 11.00 – 17.00

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