LYX at Designersblock London 2009

September 8, 2009


LYX is the Swedish word for luxury. Their philosophy is rooted in the Scandinavian designs of the 60s and 70s – pure, simple and clean lines.

They added a bit of extravagance and a 21st century twist. LYX exists for customers that are special, both in taste and in their willingness to spend a little bit more on a unique piece of furniture. Which is why our mission is to do things differently. Their pieces are handmade, in high quality and not in high volume, which adds a bit more to their worth and cost. The pieces are inspired by the traditional Scandinavian design, but makes a stronger and more luxurious statement. In short: It’s more bold than blond.


[Designed by Jonas Wannfors]

Q: What do you get if you cross breed waves, hills and seating for public spaces? A: Topografi.This flexible seating system uses three sections: Straight, Exchange and End. These elements can be combined in any way and any length required for the selected space. It’ rises up from any surface, making it a part of any environment.


By using different materials it can stand the test of time indoor and outdoor. The appearance is a crucial part of the total product. The strong graphical impact of the design draws people attention and makes them want to test the bench. It makes a solid statement in any environment, especially when placed on a lawn where the grass grows into the design and the Topografi (Swedish for topography) merge into the shapes of nature. The painted MDF version allows interior designers & architects to choose any color to optimally integrate its appearance into their project.


HyperLounge Chair
[Designed by Björn Iggsten]

This armchair is a modern tribute to the Scandinavian bent wood tradition. It’s also a chameleon that can both adapt to a setting or dominate it with it’s unique design features. Play with the materials to customize it for your space, style and taste. With Chrome armrests and white leather it gives a sexy Miami look and with wood and wool fabric if keeps a lower profile… but still very cool.

HyperLounge Chair
[Designed by Robert Öhman, Jordens Architects]

Public seating will never be the same. The Pipedream seating system from LYX turns any open area into an exciting place. The parallel tubes, one used as seat the other as backrest, is winding through the room like a friendly pipe grid. The effect is spectacular, softly forcing people to want to sit down even if they had not planned to – offering a short time of contemplation and reflection in a fast paced world. A combination of high-density foams makes it surprisingly comfortable too. And since it’s available in a number of upholstery and leg-materials, it fits into any environment. In white leather and chromed legs it enhances a design hotel lobby. And with a bright +100 000 Martindale fabric it belongs in design demanding spaces with a lot of human traffic. Pipedream Seating is a proud reciever of Red Dot award 2008, Product Design.


[Designed by Matt Miller]

The first reaction experiencing this table is a mix of confusion and attraction. Which isn’t strange – no one has done something like this before, it defies common sense. The unique construction for supporting the fully tempered glass top, also creates it’s beautiful appearance. The smoothly bent legs are the inspiration for the name – Cyma is the ancient Greek symbol for “S-shaped wave form”. Gravity usually makes things fall to the ground. But in this case gravity is used to hold the glass top in its place in a surprisingly new way. The weight of the glass tighten the legs grip, no other attachments like screws are needed.


Kristall Chandelier
[Designed by Jonas Wannfors]

This illumination gives the word chandelier a brand new meaning. The hidden fibre optic light source makes the acrylic rods forming the modern corona very visible. The rods emit a unique combination of background light and spotlight. They spread the light through out the room and create a very special atmosphere. Perfect over the dinner table as well as in the hotel lounge. Kristall receives honourable mention from the RedDot award jury, 2008.

Kristall Chandelier

WING Lounge Chair
[Designed by Michael Malmborg]

A reincarnation of the classic wing chair, created for the future. This recliner is made for serious cocooning and is the closest you can get to weightlessness. The upholstery in the Wing Chair is made by open cell visco elastic memory foam, developed by NASA and used in all spacecrafts. The foam adapts to our body shape and temperature leaving you in cosmic comfort. WING Lounge Chair is the first and only chair ever to be certified by The Space Foundation – tested and recognized by NASA. WING is also the biggest single piece of bendwood ever used to create a chair.

Wing Lounge Chair


Designersblock London 2009 takes place during the London Design Festival over 5000 square meters of space alongside 100% Design in Earls Court One.

24 – 27 Sep 2009

Opening times:
Thursday 24 September 10.00 – 21.00 Friday 25 September 10.00 – 19.00 Saturday 26 September 10.00 – 18.00 Sunday 27 September 11.00 – 17.00

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