Nokia and Hyper at Designersblock London 2009

September 14, 2009


PUSH N900 is unique design and hacking project from Nokia.

Conceived by Hyper &! PUSH N900 gives designers, hackers, modders, creatives and artists the chance to get their hands on, and heads inside, the new Nokia N900. The project launches on 13th September, with an open call for submissions.

Entries need to demonstrate how you would hack and mod the N900 to connect it to something you love. The winning submissions will provided with N900 devices, funding and support to develop their PUSH idea. These will then be toured around international Nokia Flagship Stores.

To launch the project, Hyper &! have developed the PUSH BriefBot. This connects the N900 device to a range of 1980s retro items, allowing these items to control the N900. Featuring 8 track players, joysticks, Speak and Spell and multiple N900 devices.