Party of the 1st part with Sarah Davenport Design

September 21, 2009


It really feels like Designersblock 2009 and the Design Festival has started now we’ve thrown our 1st party. On Friday we dropped a party for a host of companies from Nottingham at our headquarters in Shoreditch. Instigated by Sarah Davenport Design a party for all the creatives from Nottingham that will be showing as part of the Invest in Nottingham presentation that will be at Designersblock from Thursday.

Starting with a performance from Haiki Loki we were all treated to a catwalk show from Nottingham based fashion brands Eternal Spirits, with their corsetry and lingerie, and Bantum with their collection of contemporary urban clothing, all taking part on Sarah’s Catwalk Kitchen Table.

It was nice to meet up with all those from Nottingham who’ll be with us next week in Earls Court. Valeria Passetti, Raj Pathak, Matthew Dabbs, Photographic Interiors, Ink Posters, Debbie Bryan, John Davenport, Philip Watts Design, St Neots Picture Gallery, for a few drinks and a nice gentle start to the week.