Party of 4th part – Asakusa Jinta play at Designersblock Towers

October 20, 2009

Asakusa Jinta came to us all the way from Tokyo Town by a happy coincidence it was also the birthday of one Mr Piers Roberts.

Jinta is the street music of Asakusa a prefecture that is Tokyo’s East End. Brought to us by the one and only Yoichi Nakamuta, founder and director of E&Y the pioneering design outlet in Tokyo since the 80’s.

Modest, unassuming and low key, he is quietly responsible for introducing many european companies and designers to the Asian market. Always a champion of young talent and ideas it makes alot of sense that he is also the manager of Asakusa Jinta. Our place has never bounced so much as on Friday night. Movies to come meanwhile have a look at the clips on youtube and their myspace page and if you get the chance go see them at Manchester TV21 tonight. Birmingham Hare and Hounds in the Jewelry Quarter 21st. London St Moritz Club on Wardour Street 22nd. Glasgow Optimo at Subclub on 25th. Tokyo Asakusa Kurawood 31st and 1st and Shinjuku Loft on 14th.

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