Dish of the day

October 21, 2009

Welcome to the very first Designersblock Dish of the day, an occasional column celebrating the locality and giving thanks for what’s on our plates. When the mornings and nights start drawing in there’s nothing like the friendly shop down the road as a source of variety and nourishment, we can recommend The Express Convenience Store on Kingsland Road, this dish doesn’t taste the same if you make it with supermarket ingredients, this is a dish to lift the spirits on any winters afternoon. A contemporary take on the classic Spanish Fabbada.

Three soup surprise with chorizo.

Feeds three.

Go to the shop buy 4 cans of soup, choose complimentary soups so as to avoid any flavour confusion, however as you can see it’s fine to mix brands.

This recipe is 2 cans Baxters cream of tomato, 1 can Baxters minestrone, 1 can Heinz red lentil and vegetable. 4 chorizo sausages for cooking (must be spanish).

Empty all the cans into a large saucepan taking care to get all the soup out with a spoon or spatula. Chop the sausages with a very sharp knife as thick as you like and add to the soup.
Season with plenty of black pepper, you will find most canned soups contain more than enough salt already.

Cook on a medium heat for about 15 minutes being careful not to boil as this impairs the flavour. The soup is ready when the sausage is cooked through and there is a good amount of steam and a silvery miasma on the surface. To serve poor into three large warmed bowls and eat with some good turkish bread with friends. A dash of vodka is optional but should be added at the heating through stage or the spirit will dominatrix the flavour.

Viola, bon appetite.

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