Interiors 2010 idfx cover

January 13, 2010

Layout 1

Lovely to see Rentaro Nishimura’s MAR lamp on the cover of this months idfx magazine. They’ve also previewed a few of their favourite pieces from the show we’re putting together for Interiors 2010.

They seem quite keen on the AR001 from Assemblyroom, Tactile Wonderland’s Washi Wallpaper range, The Tube chair from Plant & Moss, and the Bubble lamp from TOBYhouse.

Here’s a link to the digital edition

Layout 1

As well a lovely picture Rentaro sent us.


A full list of exhibitors

Abigail Borg
Asma Hussain
Assembly Room
Bute Fabrics
Camira Fabrics
Chris Eckersley
Hendzel and Hunt
Holly Palmer
Kat Mammone
Owen Gildersleeve
Plant & Moss
Mathew Plummer-Fernandez
Puff & Flock
Rentaro Nishimura
Sitting Firm
Sophie Hedderwick
Stuart Melrose
Tactile Wonderland
Timorous Beasties
Thomas Forsyth