Lunchtime Cinema and Anglo Recycling at Interiors 2010

January 18, 2010

Lunchtime Cinema operates from the old lunchtime cinema premises of the General Electric Company in Erith, South East London that existed from 1892 until 1987. Currently run by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Michelle Shields, the aim is to form relationships with local manufacturers, and local material sources, and embrace the area’s cultural diversity, to initiate new design based on locality and cultural curiosity. We sometimes opt to not design anything new, or if possible not design at all, as newness can often be a vacuous drive for unnecessary consumerism. We do believe in beauty, community, local exchange and quality of life. We also aim to map out our findings and share them with everyone else.

Tea House

A yurt is a timeless housing solution of the Mongolian nomads. After finding our Cinema premises to be very cold, we opted to make our own yurt using local materials. Andy Basham, a coppice worker in Essex had vast amounts of Hazel wood in season, and we also came across a Caribbean fabric stall in Woolwich Arsenal market that have beautiful fabrics and of the highest quality. We recommend building your own yurt and we also recommend Hazel, a beautiful wood native to England, still maintained today by forest restoration programs.


London Tea Set

A Tea Set that celebrates London’s cultural diversity by sourcing different teacups from all of London’s communities. We all drink tea, just slightly differently.

The work follows the London Igloo theme of locality – so the ‘collaborative’ approach won’t be the usual designer / manufacturer relationship, instead its a well documented sourcing of local materials and suppliers including:

Hazel – from Andy Basham of the nature reserve in Glodstones Farm, Essex
Fabrics – from the Caribbean shops in Woolwich Arsenal
Recycled felt – tbc
Rope – from Owens Ironmongers in Erith “been going for donkeys”
Tea cups – from the diverse ethnic communities of London

Full list of exhibitors showing with Designersblock at Interiors 2010

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Asma Hussain
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Bute Fabrics
Camira Fabrics
Chris Eckersley
Hendzel and Hunt
Holly Palmer
Kat Mammone
Owen Gildersleeve
Plant & Moss
Mathew Plummer-Fernandez
Puff & Flock
Rentaro Nishimura
Sitting Firm
Sophie Hedderwick
Stuart Melrose
Tactile Wonderland
Timorous Beasties
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