Thomas Forsyth and Owen Gildersleeve at Interiors 2010

January 18, 2010

For Interiors 2010 we have a delightful collaboration between artist and designer Thomas Forsyth and graphic designer and illustrator Owen Gildersleeve.

Aschenputtel is the name of the Grimm brothers variation on the Cinderella story.

They are working with Emmaus Brighton, who are a fantastic organisation that offer work and community for people who have become socially excluded or homeless. A large part of their work involves recycling furniture and they have supplied a lamp, a chair and a chest of drawers, as well as other materials.

Externally they simply appear to be knackered pieces of furniture, that would be likely to end up on landfill. But, anyone who is willing to explore, will find that Thomas and Owen have internally up-cycled the chest, with secret compartments, intricate illustrations and woodcarvings, unexpected drawer mechanisms and even a drawer which transforms into a table.

In the spirit of collaboration Thomas and Owen asked that we credit their photographer, which we’re more than happy to do. The first six pictures on this post are by Jonathan Green and the final two are by Tom.

Thomas Forsyth

Owen Gildersleeve

Jonathan Green




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