TOBYhouse at Interiors 2010

January 18, 2010


Toby Sanders is an interior and product designer based in London. He produces his own range of Homewares and lighting under the label TOBYhouse and offers design services to the retail, domestic and  exhibitioms markets.

Much of Toby’s homewares work involves combining different pre-existing elements or ideas to form new original objects. For Toby its that original collaboration, or connection, that makes a new and interesting object. For example his Beach Ball Lamps launched with Designersblock in Milan 09 are a transformation of the 50s beach plaything into a new joyous celebration of the spherical lampshade.

In Birmingham 2010 Toby will be exhibiting his latest collaboration with manufacturer Martin Dannell. See the Doyle Bubble and the Flute Bubble pictured here. Also pictured below is the Kebab Lamp.


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