Hendzel & Hunt at Interiors 2010

January 19, 2010


For Interiors 2010 at the NEC Birmingham, Hendzel and Hunt were appoached to collaborate with successful textile collective Puff and Flock. They approached UK based furniture manufacturer Ercol who have allowed the colaboration to use Ercol designs and textiles as the stimulus for the project. The pictures below explain Hendzel and Hunts role in the design. The original Ercol butterfly has been copied in carbon fibre to produce a lightweight but rigid structure which is then wrapped tightly in Ercol’s best selling fabric using patterns Jenny and Melissa from Puff and Flock have drawn.



1.The seat and back are made from Airex a thermoset foam used in motor racing.

2.Different widths of Airex are stuck together to create an exact replica of the Butterfly design

3.By wrapping paper very tightly around the original design, patterns can be made and then copied in the twill sheets of 195grm carbon fibre sheet.

4.Once the thermoset foam has been clamped into position and cooled the resin and carbon fibre are laid up over, dried and then filed to produce neater edges. Only two sheets of the carbon fibe are used due to it’s high strength.

And Now For The Legs.

1.A cast of the orignal legs is made. An allumium core is then added to the middle of some small wooden plugs where the joints will meet.
2.The cast is filled with wax to recreate the same form as the Ercol leg.
3.The wax casting is removed and laid up in 2 sheets of carbon fibre and resin.
4.Small holes are drilled, and the part is put in the studio oven for the wax to melt out leaving a very lightweight component.



Hendzel and Hunt

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