Jenny Leary for Puff & Flock

March 8, 2010

Jenny Leary works with metal but treats it as a fabric. She also makes textiles that respond to magnetic fields.

This bench is a recent collaboration with Ercol who provided their studio love seat and the The Pocheung Metal Company in Hong Kong who provided waste material from their factory. In Milan Jenny will be showing new work.

Puff & Flock is a London based collective of eight female textile designers. They draw inspiration from many diverse sources, and through research and lab based approach, they create innovative and smart textiles.

Their vision and inspiration has emerged from their belief that textile designers have an enormous amount to offer in future design practice and their aim is to expand the realm of what is possible through textiles, today and in the future.

While focusing on delivering highly conceptual and experimental projects, they also work commercially with a number of companies
and regularly exhibit internationally.

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