Masako Sato

March 8, 2010

Tokyo-based Masako Sato works between art and design to add a bit sparkle and grin to people’s life.

Mushroom Hook: During the rainy season, it’s very humid in Japan. One day she found moldy wall in her room and worried if mushrooms were coming up. But at the same time, she imagined how funny mushrooms are growing on the wall.

Some people drive nails into walls for hung their jackets. But it may damage their clothes and themselves when get caught on and even looks painful. Mushroom Hook is made by silicone rubber. It is soft and welcome your return home.

Mushroom Hook project was first shown at Designersblock Milan last year. She exhibited prototypes and many people wanted to bring them back to their home. She’s happy to return Milan with grown up Mushroom Hooks.


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