Timothy Schrieber

March 8, 2010

Timothy Schrieber studied architecture and design at the Bauhaus in germany and in the UK. After working with Behnisch and partners in Germany for 3 years he moved to Sydney Australia where he was involved in a wide range of International Architecture and Design projects. In 2004/5 opportunities through Australia paved the way for a move to Beijing and to Shanghai where he was involved in the design of the aquatic center for the 2008 Olympic Games. He now lives and works in London

A prolific furniture designer Schrieber’s work explore the boundaries between digital design and existing manufacturing processes. He describes his style as ‘pop-modernism’.

The E-VOLVED-TABLE was inspired by natural fluid patterns and naturally grown shapes. This was translated into an initial digital model, which was then optimized using digital structural and artificial intelligence algorithms. A special software tool was developed to generate a set of universally matching parts, which allow for a plenitude of different variations of tables. Special attention was paid to the organic, bone-like connections at the branches, which serve as universal nodes, each of them compatible with multiple other parts.

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