Alice Rosignoli

March 12, 2010

Lampe by Alice Rosignoli

Alice Rosignoli is an Italian designer based in Paris. She has previously shown with Designersblock in Milan in 2008, as well as in the pop up shops Designersblock curated in Selfridges and Covent Garden later the same year. The Tall and Tiny lamps are now manufactured by PA design in Paris.

She will be showing her new lamp ‘Vega’ inspired by the wonders of the cosmos, in Alice’s own words.

‘Einstein described gravity as a wrapping of space-time around a massive object.This lamp is a translation of the general principle of relativity, the fabric is curved under the mass of the bulb.The shape of the lamp is a geometrical consequence of the nature of the materials used. Its function is the equivalent of a domestic star’.

We’re very happy to have Alice back with us for Designersblock Milano 2010.


Lampe by Alice Rosignoli


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