Chicako Ibaraki at Designersblock London 2010

August 19, 2010

Two flat bars running perpendicular at right angles create a bookshelf. The irregular braiding shape changes when viewed from different angles. This bookshelf made of rubber painted stainless steel. Rubber paint prevents the books slipping.The bookshelf make it possible to store 200 books. Weave/ bookshelf/ 2009 Material: rubber painted stainless steel Size: W380*D380*H1600


I saw a line of light shine in through a small window. It was simple, clear and sharp. The room’s stillness was created by the light. I wanted to capture the line of the light. The light source is an LED lamp, it makes the whole diffuser glow. The high luminescence provided by the LED lamp output allows for lower power consumption and creates a more sustainablelight’s life. line/ floor light / 2008 Material: acrylic diffuser with metal base, Size: W400*D400*H1400

Designersblock London takes place at the Bargehouse:

Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
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Designersblock London 2010 23rd – 26th September
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Bargehouse is owned and managed by Coin Street Community Builders

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23 – 26 September

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