Robbie Henderson at Designersblock London 2010

August 27, 2010

ʻReplacement speciesʼ is an exploration into how we, as humans, might choose to replace endangered animals rather than conserve them. The pieces themselves are working
product-design solutions to problems found in nature. This work is designed to communicate the loss of certain species and the resulting consequences by confronting people with utilitarian, man-made counterparts, prompting us to think about the value of animals and ultimately, ourselves. The Pseudo apis is a device based on the principal of cross pollinating flowering plants and trees, using a feather to transplant pollen. The Pseudo apis would be manipulated through a greenhouse environment using a plotter style arm. The feather would spin powered via compressed air, foreign pollen types can be added to the air-press if necessary. The Pseudo dendrocopos is a replacement lesser-spotted woodpecker, by imitating the visual and audio presence of the bird it deters competitive species moving into the vacated territory. In this work I use industrial design as a platform to explore current moral ideals, albeit in a lighthearted way.

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