Kenyon Yeh at Designersblock London 2010

September 15, 2010

Young London-based designer Kenyon Yeh is throwing out instruction booklets and getting some interesting results.

Seeking to create personal identity out of ubiquitous uniformity, Kenyon took standard Ikea flat-pack furniture and assembled the pieces as he wanted, adding some new details along the way. The resulting ‘Unikea’ collection is a quirky take on mass-produced design and a satisfyingly lead to original furniture design concept.

One of the new elements incorporated into the designs is an old detailed English chair leg which Kenyon re-cast in resin; cleverly adding a traditional craftsmanship into a unique whole made up of mass-produced pieces.

“The process is liberating and brings a limitless attitude of possibility creating unique furniture instead of doing such a thing that made by forces”

KENN features three major quadrilateral shapes and a triangular niche created by the intersection of the three 4-sided parts of this piece. Two red feet support one end, while the other side rests on the angled corner of the rightmost rhomboid.

BRIA is a double rhombus-like structure, which has been interconnected in a way that appears as though one of the rhombuses is being derived out of the other. It has four legs, which have been give a contrasting blue colour. Ideal for stacks of books, BRIA is a unique take on the common bookcase.

DALT, The bookrack is a two pieces structure featuring geometric shapes. The rack has two legs of contrasting green color installed on one side, while the other side is balanced with the help of a secondary structure.

LOPA a part of this collection, which may be used as a bookstand, features four legs which have been colored in black. The structure is a single piece and is divided into three segments that are interconnected.

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