Cov Bodge at Designersblock 2010

September 16, 2010

Back in March 9 designers went to the forest. Bodging Milano took place in Clissets wood in Herefordshire in the workshop of Gudrun Leitz. Over 4 days using only hand tools, pole lathes, and traditional steam bending techniques, 9 unique pieces were created. We then exhibited the results at Designersblock in Milan to great acclaim. Quite a few people have told us that it was the best thing they saw in Milan this year.

designed and made by William Warren

designed and made by Rory Dodd

designed and made by Gitta Gschwendtner

Now the same group are taking it one step further. Dave Green, one of the bodgers runs a company called Sitting Firm a furniture manufacturers based in Coventry. Now Dave along with fellow bodgers Amos Marchant, Carl Clerkin, Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal, Gitta Gschwendtner,Rory Dodd, Suzanne Barnes, and William Warren will be taking over the Sitting Firm factory for 3 days as well as camping in the grounds. Some will be making more refined versions of their Bodging Milano chair, others will be doing something completely new. These are the 1st pictures, expect more soon.

designed and made by Gareth Neal

designed and made by Dave Green

designed and made by Chris Eckersley

designed and made by Carl Clerkin

designed and made by Amos Marchant

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Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
London SE1 9PH

Designersblock London 2010 23rd – 26th September