Design Consequences at Designersblock London 2010

September 16, 2010

The collective ‘byOTHERDESIGNERS’ invited a group of designers to be part of a project based on the game ‘Consequences’.

During the course of one month, these designers played a creative game, which resulted in a series of lighted objects. The creation process has three parts; Tail, body and head, with one designer for each part. The first part is created, concealed in cardboard, leaving one part exposed as a clue and continuation point and passed to the next designer. The next designer repeats this step and passes it to the last who finishes the object and conceals it. No designer in the chain has seen the preceding part and no one has seen the object as a whole until the grand unveiling at the exhibition date or launch party. The first nine objects were created by 13 designers, Pierric Verger, Marc Trotereau, Merel Karhof, Benjamin Faure, Pierre Guillaume Ospina, Valentin Vodev, Hélène Degott, Yohav Reches, Claire Ferreira, Marc Sapetti, Dominic Hargreaves, Stéphane Gouraud and Vahakn Matossian.

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