Anirudha Surabhi at Designersblock London 2010

September 17, 2010

Anirudha will be presenting his series of helmets Kranium at Designersblock 2010.

Expanded polystyrene has been used in creating bike helmets for the past few decades and no one has ever questioned their integrity. Helmets protect your head only 16% of the times during a crash and have been giving us the false implication of safety. Emphasis this day is given to styling and aerodynamics. However, polystyrene does little to absorb impact energy but distributes it over the head.

Why is this unsustainable, non-recyclable material, largely focused on aesthetics being pushed into our lives to promote safety?

Kranium looks at creating an innovative, lightweight outdoor sports activity helmet that will revolutionize the helmet market through improved safety, recyclability and breakthrough design. Due to the structural nature of Kranium, bespoke custom made helmets can be manufactured by scanning the users head. Templates are then produced and assembled together, thus making this a completely customizable helmet, where every single element such as shape, fit, colour, etc. can be tailored to the user.

When tested against the British Standards (EN 1078) Kranium absorbs 4 times the amount of impact energy when compared to regular cycling helmets. It is also much lighter at the same time and thus more comfortable. It is a perfect amalgamation of form and function, using cheap and easily available eco-friendly materials.

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