Annelou van Griensven at Designersblock Ventura Lambrate

February 21, 2011

Annelou van Griensventea table detail

Annelou van Griensven - Tea Table detail

Annelou van Griensven is fascinated by everyday ‘invisible realities’; eccentric people, urban locations or worrisome operating statuses. In short: extreme situations which most people avoid. She makes modern society’s rough edges perceptible which leads to understanding and acceptance of these situations. Photography and design play a key role in the questioning and visualization of Van Griensven’s topics. She often collaborates with designers from various disciplines to meet her goals. With this project she collaborated with her brother and furniture designer Joep van Griensven.
Annelou van Griensven - Tea Table Front

Annelou van Griensven – Tea Table Front

Annelou van Griensven - Tea Table side

Annelou van Griensven - Tea Table side

Designersblock Milano 2011 in Ventura Lambrate

Light Space
Via Privata Oslavia 8

Ventura Lambrate opening night Wednesday 13th
1900 – 2300hrs

12 – 17th April
1000hrs – 2000hrs

Metro Lambrate, MM2 Green Line, exit Lambrate FS
Tram line 33 from Repubblica to Rimembranze di Lambrate
Tram line 23 from Duomo (piazza Fontana) to Rimembranze di Lambrate

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