Innocent blue at Designersblock Ventura Lambrate

March 3, 2011

[Innocent blue] is Kaori Aoi’s design studio. Kaori is a designer as well as an artist. She says in her artist statement:

Today, under the same sky, people dig up a lot of resources.
And they make many products to hurt people and the earth.
How could we put all these materials to better use?
There are no borders for impressions and feelings that you think to be
My work.
It is not for sadness.
It is not to hurt anyone.
It makes someone’s smile.
I want to be that.

Innocent blue - jou-jouer

Innocent blue - Jou - jouer

“These days, we live in a society of mass production and consumption. People lacking imagination. Children are not playing. They are forced to play. This toy was created for people who live, not only for today, but also for the future. This toy helps to develop the imagination and creativity of people. They need these toys.”

Innocent blue - My story hanger

Innocent blue - My story hanger

“Please imagine only your story. You can hang not only clothes but also
belts, hats, accessories, and so on.”

Innocent Blue - Tea bag

Innocent blue - Tea bag

“This is reusable eco tea pack. Put your favorite tea leaves in it and enjoy your tea time.

Designersblock Milano 2011 in Ventura Lambrate

Light Space
Via Privata Oslavia 8

Ventura Lambrate opening night Wednesday 13th
1900 – 2300hrs

12 – 17th April
1000hrs – 2000hrs

Metro Lambrate, MM2 Green Line, exit Lambrate FS
Tram line 33 from Repubblica to Rimembranze di Lambrate
Tram line 23 from Duomo (piazza Fontana) to Rimembranze di Lambrate

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