КАФАНА at Designersblock Ventura Lambrate

March 7, 2011

Kafana is a project of the Design Department at University of Arts in Belgrade who will exhibit design objects based on an analysis of social life within a traditional tavern space. Kafana’s show will present furniture objects, lighting, interior products, clothes and graphic design.



Kafana (Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia), kafeana (Macedonia), kavana (Croatia) are terms used in the former Yugoslav countries for a distinct type of local bistro which primarily serves alcoholic beverages and coffee (and occasionally light snacks), and which sometimes also has a live band. The concept of a social gathering place for men to drink alcoholic beverages and coffee developed in Ottoman Turkey and spread to Southeast Europe with the extension of Ottoman dominion into the Balkans where it further evolved into the contemporary kafana.

The students are given 10 weeks to analyze traditional Balkan taverns, space organization and functionality of furniture, together with ways of use and communication within the space. The second stage is to design objects with limited resources and techniques that are needed now for social gathering: chairs, tables, dishes, lights, interior details, all wrapped in appropriate ambient of public gathering and socialization in modern types of taverns.

This project represents a collision between tradition and innovation, fresh ideas and dreams confronted with limited resources and tight schedule. The show will highlight traditional elements used with innovative methods, filtrated throughout sustainable design. The “making of” will allow the general public to understand all steps of creation while professionals will find more technical answers related to manufacturing. The event will utilize prototypes, scale models, videos, and interactive 3D technologies.

КАФАНА is joint project of the Design Department at Academy of Fine Arts Belgrade, with advanced collaboration between different curses supervised by professors Vesna Pejovic and Dragana Markovic.

Designersblock Milano 2011 in Ventura Lambrate

Light Space
Via Privata Oslavia 8

Ventura Lambrate opening night Wednesday 13th
1900 – 2300hrs

12 – 17th April
1000hrs – 2000hrs

Metro Lambrate, MM2 Green Line, exit Lambrate FS
Tram line 33 from Repubblica to Rimembranze di Lambrate
Tram line 23 from Duomo (piazza Fontana) to Rimembranze di Lambrate

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