Peter Böckel at Designersblock Ventura Lambrate

March 25, 2011

Peter Böckel - Read me

Peter Böckel - Read me

Peter Böckel is a young industrial designer from Germany. At Designersblock 2011 in Milano, he will show a collection of several furniture pieces under the title MissingLink. The collection consists of four objects which are based upon the idea of the convergence of form, function and meaning. Known patterns are abandoned, mixed and merged with each other. Finally new interpreted into objects with new characters and personalities. However, on closer inspection you can find and associate some DNA evidence from their archetypal origins.

Peter Böckel  - Lightrobe

Peter Böckel - Lightrobe

Peter Böckel graduated 2011 from the University of Applied Science Coburg. During his time at the university he collected work experience in the offices of N+P Industrial Design in Munich and Michael Young in Hong Kong. His design interests are ranging from experimental and furniture to industrial design. With his inquiring mind he scrutinizes and interprets things and processes in abstract and unusual ways. Inspired by materials, technologies and his surroundings he creates iconic and contemporary products.

Peter Böckel  - Phalanx

Peter Böckel - Phalanx

Peter Böckel  - Helpfull electrial lowtech companion

Peter Böckel - Helpfull electrial lowtech companion

Designersblock Milano 2011 in Ventura Lambrate

Light Space
Via Privata Oslavia 8

Ventura Lambrate opening night Wednesday 13th
1900 – 2300hrs

12 – 17th April
1000hrs – 2000hrs

Metro Lambrate, MM2 Green Line, exit Lambrate FS
Tram line 33 from Repubblica to Rimembranze di Lambrate
Tram line 23 from Duomo (piazza Fontana) to Rimembranze di Lambrate

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