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May 11, 2011

Built By Hive

Built By Hive

Built by is a collaboration between Vanessa Harden and Kevin Hill together they have created a custom designed beehive that allows them to collaborate with honey bees to create bespoke products.

Their first venture using this process will be to create an Edwardian inspired baby crib. They have chosen this artifact as their inaugural product as it reflects the purpose of the honeycomb itself; bees use comb to rear their young. The crib symbolizes the hope of a future pairing between humankind and the environment. It is a reminder that one must create products that shape cultural values towards a sustainable future. Through creating this physical and visual relationship with the bees they believe the crib will foster a unique form of sensitivity and understanding of the child’s place within the greater ecological organism that is our planet.

Their bees and bespoke hives are located on the roof of their studio in Dalston, London. These bees forage from the local communities to source the materials needed to embellish, what will become, the Edwardian baby crib. Through interspecies collaboration the crib redefines what is believed to be “community” to include other creatures as co-inhabitants of the earth.