The Auction Room

July 28, 2011

The Auction Room

The Auction Room

The exhibition is the auction room. The auction room is the exhibition. All its elements, from the chairs to the hammer, made by exciting designers are up for auction. Come visit the exhibition and place a bid* on your favourite piece. On Sunday, the bartering will take place.

The Auction Room is an exhibition curated by Mariana Pestana and Designersblock, for The London Design Festival.

The exhibition will display bespoke objects especially commissioned to reflect upon the theme of ‘fake’ and arranged as to form an immersive experience that evokes the scenario of an auction.

The exhibition encourages the viewer to ‘decode’ the display narrative: playing on reality and fiction, The Auction Room questions the format of exhibitions and the role that they play in the contemporary context of design.

It will culminate in an exciting night where the auction will happen and the audience will be able to take home amazing design pieces without spending a penny*.

Designers include

Alex Hellum
Monika Piatkowski
Hendzel and Hunt
Postler Ferguson
Studio 801
Graphic Relief
Paul Bishop
Hugo Passos
Yehrin Tong
Jorun Hognesen
Thomas Ives
Katrin Baumgarten
Rosemary Anrude
Max Cairn
Harry Trimble
Felix How

* offers might be a collection of vintage vinyl, design services, other design pieces, a weeks holiday in Greece…anything except money.

The Auction Room will take place at

Farmiloe Building
St John St

The Exhibition opens on the 21st of September and continues until the 25th when the Auction will take place.