Maria Volokhova at Designersblock 2011

September 15, 2011

Maria Volokhova’s porcelain is situated at the border between art and design as well as on the frontier between the functional and the figurative. Her works challenges the porcelain tradition by experimenting with traditional technique and decoration in order to respond to contemporary questions.

Her pieces subvert conventional notions of functionality: these items are neither intended purely for domestic use, nor for distanced observation. Volokhova’s porcelain calls to the viewer in the manner of an item that is both exquisite and quotidian.

The new series “Sheep Chase” features a sheep head, which is both a piece of art and functional vessel.

Following the message from Murakami’s work and true to the magical power of the original, each sheep head is designed to enrich experiences and store wishes.

For example: the eyes of “Serving Sheep” can be removed and used as salt and pepper shakers and the top of the head can be lifted to reveal a concealed a sugar bowl, “Saving Sheep” functions as a sort of sheep-piggybank, “Secret Sheep” is a multipurpose box where one can store their secret wishes.

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