Puff & Flock Workshops at Designersblock 2011

September 15, 2011

Puff & Flock are doing some fantastic workshops at our show in the Farmiloe Building. The events are mostly free; some require a small donation to cover the costs of materials.

Fashion Illustration WorkshopBook tickets online here
DRESS UP/DOWNload is an open source fashion concept, which invites you to be part of the design process: produce a series of prints using simple garments as a canvas. Designed and delivered by textile designer and Ph.D. student Jen Ballie, the co-design workshop allows you to create a design for a garment using collage techniques. Leave with a fashion illustration of your very own creation.

Jen Ballie’s research and practice is centred around three components co-design, digital media and sustainability.

Jen has a BDes in Textile Design and a Masters of Design with distinction from Duncan of Jordanstone, College of Art & Design, Dundee University. Her masters focused on design theory, thinking and practice and explored how digital media might reduce our consumption of throwaway fashion. During her Masters she was succesful for a PhD scholarship call linked to TFRG, funded by Neal’s Yard. She is based at Chelsea College of Art & Design within the Textiles Environmental Design (TED) Research Unit.

Wren Bicycles Lunchtime TalkBook tickets online here
Wren Bicycles is a new British brand based in London, founded by designer and cyclist Peter Richardson. With the launch of the first model this year Wren Bicycles seek to address the requirements of the modern city cyclist without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Peter will be hosting a short round the table talk introducing the brand and discussing the original design inspiration, how the design was developed and the story of how the project was brought into production.

Magnetic X-rays WorkshopBook tickets online here
Drop in for a 20 minute activity that will teach how to see through the magnetic information of train tickets.
Each ticket has a black stripe that contains hidden information about where and when the ticket was bought and what the passenger’s destination is. Come find out about the secret language that is used to encode those details.
Get your hands dirty with some special materials. To make the print you will be using liquid latex, iron powder and starch in a process that was developed recently for textile design. Add to our collection of prints! We will be accumulating them for an interactive on-site wall art piece.

Jenny is an artist and research based in Los Angles, USA. She created Ferro fabric in 2007 at Central St Martins in London where she holds an MA in design for Textile Futures.

Her approach synthesizes materials science and textile design. She is particularly interested in how magnetism can change the disciplines. Magnetic fields have the ability to produce uncanny physical effects that grab our imagination.

Jenny holds a BFA in Painting from Cornell University. She writes about innovate materials and boundary-pushing designers on the Puff & Flock blog.

Colour Changing WorkshopBook tickets online here
Kathy Schicker from Puff & Flock is a designer and weaver concerned with colour and light changing fabrics. She created her Woven Light collection of high end colour change textiles while studying on MA Textile Futures at Central St Martins.
Kathy has been teaching textiles at all levels for over a decade and she will be running her workshop for all ages to create fantastic glow in the dark monster broaches or colour-changing creatures.

Kathy will take you through the magic of the different colour changing materials shes uses, how and why they change colour and what they can be used for. Then you will get your chance to play with them and create your own colour-changing creature broach from a range of materials. These could end up being fun, scay or just plain silly, its up to you, but all the magic will be provided, just come along and have fun. A knowledge of basic sewing would be helpful.

Splintering CrockeryBook tickets online here
Lucie is a designer focusing on transforming walls. Interactivity is a main key of the process allowing various types of navigation, assembly and/or contribution to the work going far beyond purely psychological activity. Each observer makes his own interpretation of the work and it may be completely different to another observer’s views. It is important people participate providing an input in order to determine the outcome.

‘Splintering Crockery’ is a work based on the notion of public space considered as a social space open and accessible to all. It is an interactive wallpaper redefining the concept of puzzles through a deconstruction and reconstruction process. By creating patterns and shapes that interact with the audience, the purpose is to create a new perception of environments.

Lucie will be in the Puff & Flock / DesignersBlock workshop space Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 2pm giving you the chance to play and create your own wallpaper with sets of ‘Textile’ tiles.

Re-make/Re-model Jewellery Workshops Book tickets online here
Want to learn how to mend or re-style your costume jewellery? Our workshop will provide you with basic skills and guidance on how to up-cycle your broken or out moded jewellery into something you’ll love. We will supply all findings necessary and you can choose from a selection of components and beads for your design. Participants are encouraged to bring their own jewellery to the workshop to work with, though starter packs will be provided. Guidance on techniques will be given by your tutor including handouts for you to practice your newfound skills at home. From catwalk to closet we will show you how to take inspiration from designers using trend boards to interpret high-end designs and create your own Retrouve piece. No previous jewellery making experience is necessary as you will be shown basic beading and jewellery making skills on the day.

Retrouve was established in 2009 by Jo Whelan. With its make-do-and-mend philosophy Retrouve is both eco- friendly and stylish, creating pieces combining salvaged vintage and mass-produced jewellery into unique statement pieces. In our current consumer culture objects that are out of fashion or broken are disposed of often in environmentally irresponsible ways. Retrouve jewellery uses recycled elements where possible (except earring posts).

Debate – Possibilities of Textile Design TodayBook tickets online here
Join the designers of POSTextiles for a debate on the possibilities of textile design today. Considering their own work as a starting point for discussion the designers will talk about the issues they explore through the medium of textile design. During this event the audience will be invited to participate in this informal discussion and to critically engage with the issues raised by the work of the collective. With influences from biotechnology, to the senses and the workings of the unconscious mind, this group of designers demonstrates just how versatile and powerful this discipline can be.

Eyes Cream LabBook tickets online here
Grown ups go to Design Week to see fresh ideas and treat themselves with creative eye candy. This year, the playful design studio Somethings Lab will create the same effect on the little ones.

Eyes Cream Lab is a playful workshop that invites kids to create their very special ice cream with character as crazy as their imagination will allow: there will be paper cones, fluffy non edible ingredients and super power flavours. You just need to bring yourself, your imagination, a good taste and eye for design.
Everyone welcomed, from 4 years old to 100 years old (health and safety – small pieces should not be eaten).

The Somethings Lab is a toy design and research studio based in London composed by playful textile designer and member of Puff & Flock, Amélie Labarthe and toy designer Matteo Oliveri. The studio works in the field of “play and learn” by designing contemporary creations and using characters as a means of empathetic communication with the user.

The Styling WorkshopBook tickets online here
Join the designers from POSTextiles for a practical styling workshop. The idea of this session is to get people to consider how you can produce beautiful imagery in a way that doesn’t have to be high tech or expensive. Using evocative theme ideas to get participants creative juices following, and working with a range of easily sourced materials, we will be working towards the production of a selection of great images or videos. This session will consider the power of styling to communicate ideas and demonstrate easy techniques of how this can be achieved. At the end of the session all the images and videos will be uploaded onto a digital platform so that people can view the exciting results!

POSTextiles is a collective of exuberant textile designers whose innovative practice interrogates established perceptions of the discipline and what it means to be a textile designer of the 21st Century. Graduating this summer from the groundbreaking MA Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, our designers are material craftswomen, critical thinkers, futurists, design researchers, stylists and more! The hybrid approach of our practice between science, technology, philosophy and craft is grounded in aesthetic sensibilities and inherent codes of textile design. This has inspired the cultivation of original ideas that make tangible the most poignant of our social, ethical and environmental future.

Register here for free entry to the Designersblock show before the 22nd September.