The Auction Room – Harry Trimble at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

Harry Trimble
“The Surgeons chair”

The process that has brought about this chair is driven by the idea that something being – or appearing – ‘fake’ leads to some type of revelation. In the case of The Surgeons Chair the revelation it unveils is the potential to use London’s trees surgeons and the hazardous or deceased trees they cut down, as a purely local means for manufacturing furniture.
The Surgeons Chair is simply cut from one piece of timber with a chainsaw. It was brilliantly designed so as to allow for the fewest possible cuts to turn a chunk of wood into a recognizable chair. Chain-sawed by the tree surgeon Steve, the ash trunk that preceded the chair once lived in the City of London Cemetery.
The chair is branded with the postcode of the place it was made, to emphasise the holy trinity of design localism: material, place and people.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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