The Auction room – Hendzel+Hunt at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

The Bidding Table

“The great Victorian porky pie”

Sing a song of sixpence, made in Peckham rye
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie,
When the pie was open the birds began to fly.
It soon became apparent; it was all a porky pie…
Hendzel+Hunt’s piece plays on deception: it appears to be one thing but reveals itself to be another.
The Great Victorian porky pie is based around the Victorian conversation chair; whose use by young lovers accompanied by a third party chaperone, made for an environment that was not best suited to excite conversation; nor the awkward arrangement of back to back seating which further inhibited its natural flow.
By producing a table and chairs that accommodate nine companions, sitting shoulder to shoulder and outwardly facing, the social etiquette of polite dinner-time chatter is greatly inhibited: at first glance remaining authentic to its conversation chair origins. Once the chairs are arranged to draw companions into the table, facing one another, the tabletop unfurls to the diners’ delights. The deception unfolds literally and figuratively as the Great Victorian porky pie invites you to dine.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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