The Auction Room – Max Cairns at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

Max Cairns

Playing with perception and preconception, this stool evokes both the comfort of a soft cushion and the roughness of a building site. These two conflicting components meet to form a sarcastic piece of design that serves its critical purpose when carefully analysed:
The stool reflects the theme fake through its use of waste woodchippings cast into the form of a soft, chesterfield cushion. The use of the waste material combined with a toxicologically safe, plant-based resin gives the pillow a sustainable edge over its conventional leather original and demonstrates the advantages of casting wood in a mould. The polished re-bar? in the stool also gives the impression of new components when in fact all materials have been reclaimed from waste. Cast on a local building site, the concrete base of the stool contains a specific context that will disappear once the building is finished. The stool remains as a tangible memory of that transitory place.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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