The Auction Room – Mike Kann at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

The Chairs
Mike Kann
“Solid Shadows”

Solid Shadows is a series of three pieces inspired by three chairs from different eras of design, a Louis XVI Medallion Chair, Thonet’s Model 14 Bentwood Chair and Jacobsen’s Ant.

These were selected for their iconic status and aesthetic similarities, which echo through the pieces and connect them throughout time. The collection plays on the iconographic nature of the original pieces to create a sense of familiarity with something that is new.
The process behind the pieces refers to simulacra and transformation through repetition and inversion. Mike Khan started by translating the iconic chairs from three dimensions to two dimensions: images of the original pieces were made into stylised silhouettes, compressing the subtleties of the original to a simpler pictorial representation. The designer then extruded those silhouettes back into three dimensions, creating entirely new versions of the originals.
The translation between two and three dimensions is further expressed physically through the use of forced perspective to create the illusion that the solid object is turning back to its two dimensional representation when moving around the pieces. The collection uses artifice and geometry to involve the viewer in an experiential journey through design.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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