The Auction Room – Postler Ferguson at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

The Lamps
Postler Ferguson
“Stadium Lights”

Postler Ferguson elected the auctioneer as the star and decided to make him shine like Maradona.

Exploring the similarities –dynamics, competition, strict regulations – between a live auction and sports, the design duo decided to strain the crucial role of he who executes the bidding: the auctioneer moderates the competitors and makes the event as effective and exciting as possible to reach the highest bids. For that, they developed a lighting system that puts the auctioneer into the spotlight.
Drawing inspiration from the artificial and surreal quality of sports stadium lighting, they designed light boxes made of a thin and rigid aluminium composite over which they stretched different materials from high reflective mylar to nylon. A string of LED’s is placed inside the frame of the lamp to wash down the spanned material causing indirect illumination. By adding the different layers of mylar and nylon the light appears as a non transparent high reflective object when the light is switched off. Switching it on the light becomes semi transparent letting illumination permeate the body and emitting light out of its opening. The Stadium Lighting series can be hung from the ceiling, leaned against and hung from the wall as well as connected to each other.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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