The Auction Room – Thomas Ives at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

Thomas Ives

What does it take for a chair to be ‘real’? Where does the physical difference between a real and a fake chair lie?

Thomas Ives started by investigating fake experiences: recreating the experience of seating around town halls, stands, bins and trolleys he then interrogated the accommodating functionality of such suburban makeshift seats. Could any of those be defined as a chair even though they were not designed to be sit on? The result is that exact same question turned upside down: is a chair still a chair if you can’t sit on it?
The Dis-fake-tional chair is an apparently perfect chair that doesn’t fulfill the promise of a seat. By missing an essential piece, it interrupts one’s impulse to use it. The chair provokes a consecutive action of attempt and deceit, in a frustration movement that reflects upon pretending, trickery, masquerade.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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