The Auction Room – Yehrin Tong at Designersblock 2011

September 16, 2011

The Tiles
Yehrin Tong/Graphic Relief
Yehrin Tong used her psychedelic jungle themed tiger pattern to represent the theme of “fake” on Graphic Relief’s tiles for The Auction Room.

Influenced by hallucinogenic inspired and psychotropic paintings of jungles, Yehrin used motifs of nature blending and shifting to borrow a sense of hypnotic trance to the pattern. This was further enhanced by the collaboration with Graphic Relief, who turned the pattern into a three-dimensional object. The fine detail that the pattern gains when applied to concrete makes it readable from some points and completely invisible from other perspectives. Depending on the position of the viewer, the Tigers hide or show.
Playing with perception (what’s real what’s not) the tiles reveal the fine line between delusion and fantasy, suggesting that reality is essentially, just like fiction, another trick of the mind.

Photographer Ed Kulakowski

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