Alice Naylor at Designersblock 2011

September 20, 2011

Alice Naylor will be exhibiting at Designersblock London 2011. Click here to see her blog.

Making Your Mark is the latest project from designer Alice Naylor
In a web savvy age, we think know we know what a desktop is. These desktops are a little different; they’re the lids of old desks; they were rescued from a skip looking a little unloved. In the best traditions of re-cyling and design hacking I am giving these desktops a new lease of life. Well covered in graffiti (I’m still looking for profanities carved into the wood) chewing gum and the hopes and dreams of a generation of school kids, I thought they deserved better than being thrown away.

This product aren’t so much new as re-formed: each desktop has its own unique identity. By re-imagining a simple piece, loaded with the narrative of someone’s school life I am giving these wooden lids a chance to stick around a bit longer.

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