Traces London- Secret Showcase

August 16, 2012


Traces London- Secret Location (Photo by Giovanna del Sarto)

Traces London have come together to create a one of a kind event as a part of the Shoreditch Fringe Festival 2012. Reviving and transforming this old disregarded building, the event will be featuring over 60 designers and artists, all presenting designs which emphasise and embody the idea of storytelling.

Traces London- Secret Location (Photo by Giovanna del Sarto)

The showcase is an immersive and theatrical, multi- disciplinary, art and design event that aims to get the public involved. Visitors are invited to come and experience the history of the building whilst creating their own narratives based on the clues and task set.

Prior to the opening of the show, Traces have been sending out a series of clues to allow the public to piece together the mystery of the location whereabouts, it’s history and characters. You can follow the clues via Traces twitter, website or by joining up their mailing list now

Above was one of the first clue, what did you discover?


Traces London- Design Devlopment


Blue Tit by Catherine Frere Smith - Embroidered fabric and knitting


Remember Me by Kanitta Meechubott- Collage

Dear, Tilly, Grace, Fair, Eva, Ivy by Haidee Drew - Cut mirrors


Beetle Earrings by Rebecca Onyett

Cardboard Stachead by Superfauna