Bodging Milano 2012 Chairs

August 29, 2012

Jon Harrison- Bodging Milano 2012

Following the success of the original Bodging Milano project 2010, co-founders Rory Dodd and Chris Eckersley decided to invite a second group of designers to make a return trip deep in the Clissett Wood. Going back to basic each designer had the opportunity to experience and learn the traditional craft of bodging whist construct their own individual greenwood chair under the expert guidance of Gudrun Leitx and her team.

Each design makes use of traditional outdoor chair-making techniques including steam bending, pole-lathing and hand tools.

The list of participating designers includes Clifford Leo Harris, Jon Harrison, Koji Katsuragi, Liam Hopkins, Sarah Kay, Simon Maidment, Stefano Santilli, Valentina Gonzales Wohlers.

Clifford Leo Harris - Bodging Milano 2012

Koji Katsuragi - Bodging Milano 2012

Liam Hopkins - Bodging Milano 2012

Sarah Kay - Bodging Milano 2012

Simon Maidment - Bodging Milano 2012

Stefano Santilli - Bodging Milano 2012

Valentina Gonzales Wohlers - Bodging Milano 2012

Bodging Milano came about when Designer and Artist Chris Eckersley was asked to design a chair for Dave Green’s furniture company Sitting Firm. The resulting chairs called ‘Arden’ were a variation of the English Windsor Chair. The Arden project led to an interest in traditional chair making and production so when Chris came across Gudruns chairmaking courses on the internet he thought he should go bodging himself to see what it was like. He sent some pictures from the weeks course to Rory Dodd at designersblock who said wouldn’t it be great to do something like that and present it at the most important furniture fair in the world, the Salone del Mobile in Milano and Bodging Milano was born. Gudrun agreed to begin her programme of courses a week early, Chris told his furniture friends and before we knew it we had a group of the UKs finest designers ready to bodge in Clisset’s Wood, Bosbury, Herefordshire.

Eventbrite - Designersblock London 2012