Moon Jung Kim at Designersblock 2012

September 3, 2012

Sir Lighting Guard - Moon Jung Kim

Designersblock are happy to present Moon Jung unique designs at this years London Design Festival 2012.

Sir Lighting Guard - Moon Jung Kim

The royal guard, like Big Ben, London Eye and a red double-decker bus, is the icon which represents England. The floor lamp was specifically designed to make the hat of a royal guard and the color of uniform simple and interesting.The name of this work, Sir. Guard, is derived from the royal guard that has upheld a long tradition and enhance the dignity of England.

Rainy London (Digital Print) - Moon Jung Kim

The Portrait of Memory - Moon Jung Kim

Along with his fun lighting design, Moon also bring to us his chair entitled ‘The Portrait Memory’. Each of these design pieces express how our memories are replayed in reality. The ice chair was taped around its ice form. With time, the ice melts away eventually leaving a transparent memory of its past shape. Moon’s design embodies a process of memories of past, present and future.

The ice chair
There is a chair with ice.
As time goes by, ice melts.
The ice chair was taped up to keep in shape.
Ice melted away and then, the chair to put transparent tape on is left.

Experience : Making a chair with ice by freezing water.
Time : Becoming water from melting as sand leaks in the hourglass.
Perception : Fixing or shaping the ice chair by putting tape.
Memory : A chair figure made of transparent tape after melting away.

The ice chair cant be seen again. It is just the taped chair that we can see in the present and future.
The essence disappeared and memory(skin or image) alone is left.

The Portrait of Memory - Moon Jung Kim

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