Central Saint Martin’s Kate Sibley at Designersblock 2012

September 4, 2012

Future Jewellery - Kate Sibley

Kate’s jewellery collection is environmentally sustainable whilst embracing fast-fashion and our throwaway culture. With its high-fashion aesthetic and deliberately short life- span, her work takes its cue from the abundance and constant change of fast-fashion.

Future Jewellery - Kate Sibley

Her jewellery, which is made from non-toxic stone “paper”, safely decomposes at the end of its working life, leaving no negative imprint on the environment. In this way, “Future Jewellery” celebrates a positive future for design, allowing space for creativity but removing the guilt of land-fill or environmental damage.

Through re-working the fast-fashion model using sustainable systems, Kate hopes to emphasise that we can meet modern-day consumerism and satisfy the human desire to create, without leaving a deadly legacy for the next generation.

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