Fauzy Prasetya Kamal at Designersblock 2012

September 4, 2012

Archipelago - Fauzy Prasetya Kamal

Fauzy’s project is a set of tableware design based on the relationship between indonesian cuisine and the compilation of tableware objects it uses in its casual eateries. This relationship is the effect of the continuous use that these tablewares have on the development of the nation’s cuisine.

Apart from eating, it has been used as a portioning, rationing tool to help in cooking and food preparation that is traditionally handed down through reenactments and the spoken language.

Through the design project he acknowledges the compiled objects as a de facto tableware set and takes this further by remaking them as a designed set and exposing their incongruent qualities of contrasting colours, material and tableware pieces as part of the collection design.

More of Fauzy Prasetya‘s work.

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