Goldstein Paulo at Designersblock 2012

September 4, 2012

Repair is Beautiful Collection - Paulo Goldstein

‘The use of imperfect or incomplete tools draws on the imagination in developing the skills to repair and improvise.’ Richard Sennett
Design as a therapeutic practice, dealing with frustration caused by complexity is the background of “Repair Is Beautiful”.

The project physically uses repair of broken objects as a platform to address the intangible issue of frustration by projecting it into a tangible thing.

Repair is Beautiful Chair - Paulo Goldstein

Craftsmanship is used as a tool to give the hands-on sensation of control. The repair process explores the idea of unintended consequences and that ‘complexity and simplicity often mask each other’.

Paulo Goldstein – London Sustainable Innovation – Graduates 2012 from Textile Futures Research Centre on Vimeo.

In the act of repairing, design is used as therapy, healing the broken object and the individual making the repair. The final outcome is a collection of four unexpected repaired objects, creating a visual metaphor that reflects and questions its environment.

Repair is Beautiful Headphone - Paulo Goldstein

Repair is Beautiful Lamp - Paulo Goldstein

More of Goldstein Paulo‘s work.

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